the flash talk to iris Video :

The Flash- Flash Surprises Iris- Episode 5 Plastique
The Flash ep. 2: Barry talks to Iris
The Flash Barry Scoops Up Iris- The Flash Is Born
The Flash - Barry and Iris have a talk (S1. Ep.21)
The Flash Season 4x01 - Iris Talks To Barry & Barry Goes Crazy
The Flash 1x15  Barry and Iris Kiss, Iris Finds Out Barry's Secret and Barry Time Travels
The Flash 4x07 Team Flash & Barry talks to Iris
The Flash 3x04 -Joe walks in on Barry and Iris
The Flash 1x5 - Barry Talks To Iris As Flash
The Flash 1x15: Barry reveals his secret to Iris and travels in time
The Flash - Team Flash talks about Earth 2/ Iris talks with Barry (2x02)
The Flash - Barry & Iris rooftop conversation, Barry makes decision (S1. Ep.23)
The Flash: S2E23 - Iris Has A Talk With Barry/ Zoom Asks Barry To Race
It's me mom, its Barry - Barry travels to the past and meets his mom (FLASH SEASON ! FINALE HD)
The Flash 2x18 Iris and Caitlin's heart to heart
Eddie's message to Iris (The Flash)
Barry lies to Iris about his feelings for her 1x09 scene
Barry Proposes to Iris- The Flash S03E14
The Flash 4x01 Iris Talks To Barry & Barry Goes Crazy
The Flash: S2E21 - Barry Speaks To Henry A.K.A Speedforce/ Iris Lures Zombie Girder To S.T.A.R Labs

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