the flash iris cries over barry Video :

The Flash 3x10-Barry tells Iris she's going to die
The Flash 2x09 | Iris tells Barry About Wally
Barry & Iris Scenes 1x21 Part 2/3 "Iris confronts barry 2" (HD)
The Flash 3x17 | Iris and Mon-El Save Barry and Kara
Barry & Iris - Cry
Drunk Barry All Scenes | Barry talks about Titanic [The Flash 4x05]
The Flash 4x02 “Mixed signals” Iris cries because Barry left her
The Flash - Joe & Iris Flashback Scenes (S1. Ep.20)
The Flash 2x15 | Barry tells Joe and Iris about Earth 2
Barry tells Iris he's in love with her 1x09 scene
The Flash - Barry and Iris have a talk (S1. Ep.21)
The Flash - Barry talks with Cisco (Deleted Scene:1x23 "Fast Enough")
The Flash - Friend Zoned
The Flash - Iris realizes that Barry is The Flash (S1. Ep. 20)
The Flash ⚡ Try not to cry ⚡ Barry and Iris
The Flash [1x17] Barry/Joe Scene
Barry Jealous of Iris With Other Men [THE FLASH]
The Flash 3x16 Ending Scene Barry and Iris Break Up
The Flash 3x04 "Do this pants my butt look big"-Iris
iris west dies the flash 3x22 clip

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