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(Korea Cable TV Awards 2017) SEVENTEEN 'BOOM BOOM'
Former SEVENTEEN trainee reveals why he chose to leave and quit idol life
WINNER - '공허해(empty)’ + ‘REALLY REALLY’ in 2018 Golden Disc Awards
[PRE-DEBUT] Choi Hansol singing 'Black Bird' by The Beatles
Sunmi who finally transferred to Bro School dance 'Gashina♪'- Knowing Bros 104
(17's One fine day EP.7)  SEVENTEEN Wake Up, Boys~!
[Mnet Present Special] SEVENTEEN - TRAUMA
[Duet song festival] 듀엣가요제 - Seventeen SeungKwan's sister, Bu sojeong participant! 20161014
[ENG] 160524 SEVENTEEN Behind @ The Show (with Up10tion)
Ji-soo goes directly to the bed when he meets his best friend, Nam Joo-hyuk?! - 'Knowing Bros' Ep.43
'2018 NEW Everything to you''♪ with powerful performance by iKon- Sugarman 2-5
Powerful ↗↗ CEO BoA dances to 'Pick me' and 'LIKEY' - Knowing Brothers Ep. 111
[New Song]  'Ko Ko Bop'♪ performed by EXO- Knowing Bros 85
WJSN and Heechul's 'Sorry sorry' -'Knowing Bros' Ep.59
(Eng Sub) Orange Caramel Raina & Lizzy  '2016 You in my imagination' ♪ - Sugarman Ep.13
제31회 골든디스크 시상식 음반부문
[ENG SUB] Knowing Bros Ep.94 - The most anticipated comeback of the year BTS
Raina & Lizzy, Vocalization of Orange Caramel - Sugarman Ep.13
SEVENTEEN세븐틴 - 날쏘고가라Bring It / Choreography . HANNA
[ENG SUB] Mamamoo's special version of 'Decalcomanie'! ♪ I highly praise you [Knowing Brother EP55]

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