hui pentagon maker want you to want me Video :

Hui (Pentagon) - Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me Cover Performance
PENTAGON MAKER [펜타곤메이커] 후이vs진호, 메인보컬의 자존심을 건 진검승부! [EP6-6 단체 퍼포먼스] 160607 EP.6
(Team HUI's Cover) See you again by Wiz Khalifa feat.Charlie Puth [PENTAGON MAKER EP 2] 5vs5 Battle-
[M2 PENTAGON MAKER] HUI the Leader Gets to Be the “Baby of the Group” for 24 Hours! [E
[M2 PENTAGON MAKER] HUI Tries to Prove His Multiple Talents [EP3 Individual Round: Tal
170105 Pentagon Hui singing Kim Johan's I Want to Fall in Love
PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]HUI plans a sweet but scary date for his “girlfriend”[EP8 Individua
PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]HUI is here to listen to your problems and concerns![EP10 Individua
[M2 PENTAGON MAKER] HUI Hits the High Notes Like No Other! [EP5 Individual Round:Talen
PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker] HU SEOL (HUI) Melts Her Man’s Heart with Her Cuteness [EP7 Individ
[ENG SUB] Pentagon Maker: HUI, the Charismatic Leader’s Surprising Charm - EP2 (Individual Talent)
[Eng Subs] Pentagon Maker EP04 - Hui x Jinho moment
Hui Pentagon Vocal Appreciation
(Team KINO's Cover) Sorry by Justin Bieber [PENTAGON MAKER EP 2] 5vs5 Battle
[M2 PentagonMaker] HUI, the Charismatic Leader’s Surprising Charm [Individual Talent]
[M2 PENTAGON MAKER] Pentagon Prove Themselves as the AlphaGo of K-pop! [EP4 Team Round
We're Young - Team HUI and Dok2 LIVE PERF [Pentagon Maker EP 8]
PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]Team HUI and Dok2 present the result of their collaboration[EP9 Tea
Pentagon - Crying Compilation (part 1)
PENTAGON MAKER [M2 PentagonMaker]HUI, you are caught on hidden camera![EP9 Individual Round  Mind] 1

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