Sejeong mv Video :

세정 (구구단) (SEJEONG (gugudan)) - 꽃길 (Prod. By 지코 (ZICO)) (Flower Way (Prod. By ZICO)) (ENG SUB) MV
[STATION] 도영 X 세정 '별빛이 피면 (Star Blossom)' MV
[MV] SEJEONG(세정) (gugudan(구구단)) _ If Only(만에 하나) (The Legend of The Blue Sea(푸른 바다의 전설) OST Part.10)
gugudan(구구단) - 'Chococo' Official M/V
구구단(gugudan)'s Sejeong and 아스트로(ASTRO)'s Eunwoo 롯데워터파크의(Lotte Water Park) CF
Gugudan's Sejeong (세정) - Flower Road (꽃길) [Lyrics]
Color LIVE(컬러라이브): TAEIL(태일) X SEJEONG(세정)_좋아한다 안한다
SEJEONG - Flower Way | 세정 - 꽃길 [Music Bank Hot Debut / 2016.11.25]
구구단 (gugudan) - Wonderland MV
구구단 (gugudan) - Chococo MV
[Vertical Live] SEJEONG(gugudan) - Flower Road (Prod. By ZICO)
[MV] SEJEONG(세정)(gugudan(구구단)- One In Ten Thousand(만에 하나) (The Legend of the Blue Sea OST Part 10)
Star Blossom - Doyoung X Sejeong Lyrics [Han,Rom,Eng] {MEMBER CODED}
gugudan (구구단) - '나 같은 애' (A Girl Like Me) Official MV
Making! "W" [MV] Kim Se Jeong (gugudan) If Only belong to their two worlds Kang Chul Yeon Joo💘💘💘
Sejeong 꽃길(Flower Road) MV Making
[MV] gugudan (구구단) - I Believe In This Moment (School 2017 OST Part 1) 학교 2017 OST Part 1
Chococo Dance Practice Sejeong Focus
[STATION] 도영 X 세정 '별빛이 피면 (Star Blossom)' MV Teaser
구구단 (gugudan) - 나 같은 애 (A Girl Like Me) MV

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