Gotham penguin plans to kill Sofia Video :

Gotham - Penguin questions Martin to see if Sofia is using him
Gotham - Gordon wants to make a deal with Penguin against Sofia
Gotham - Sofia tells Gordon Penguin killed Martin
Gotham - Sofia checks up on Penguin and takes care of him
Barbara Plans To Kill Penguin Again | Season 3 Ep. 20 | GOTHAM
Gotham Episode 4x10 Penguin Catches Sofia || Gotham Scenes
Gotham - Sofia gets confronted by her father who’s disappointed in her
Gotham - Sofia gets visit by loyalists of her father but Penguin tricked them
Gotham - Sofia visits Penguin and gets questioned by him
Gotham - Penguin tells Sofia what Ed has done and she advises him to find a new way to relax
Sofia Falcone Sets Up Lunch Plans With Penguin | Season 4 Ep. 5 | GOTHAM
Gotham - Penguin tells Sofia he won’t be able to make it to her fundraising
Gotham - Sofia tries to team up with thr Sirens to win the war against Penguin
Gotham - Sofia shows Penguin what really was working on
Gotham - Penguin tells Sofia that he knows what she’s planning
Gotham 4x05: Sofia helps The Penguin with his foot pain - Subtitulado
Gotham - The Penguin Kills his Stepmother
Gotham - The Penguin kills Frankie Carbone
Gotham - The Riddler kills Penguin
Gotham - Penguin Kills Isabella (Ms. Kringle)

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