Gotham penguin Video :

Gotham 3x22-Penguin tricks The Riddler
Gotham - Jerome tries to threaten Penguin but Penguin outsmarts and entertains him
Gotham - Penguin learns Martin about revenge and friendship
Gotham Penguin best bits
Gotham 4x14/Penguin talks to Edward Enigma(The Riddler)
Gotham - Penguin and Jerome talk about a escape plan
Gotham - The Penguin Kills his Stepmother
Gotham - Gordon arrests Penguin
Penguin starts a war against The GCPD! | Gotham | Season 4 - Episode 11!
Gotham 4X01 Penguin's Party
Gotham - Penguin hears Ed is mocking him and sends the Sirens to stop him
► The Rise and Fall of Oswald Cobblepot ♔ (+s3)
Gotham - Sofia visits Penguin and gets questioned by him
Gotham - Penguin and Sofia their troops standoff
Gotham - Penguin tries to eat in Arkham Asylum while Jerome starts a conversation and questions him
Gotham - Jerome wants Penguin to make him laugh
Gotham - Penguin questions the girl who stole Ed from him
Gotham S2X01 Peanut Butter
Gotham 3x16 Penguin Kills Gabe
Gotham - Sofia checks up on Penguin and takes care of him

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