Bestie excuse me live Video :

BESTie (베스티) - Excuse Me [Music Bank COMEBACK / 2015.05.08]
First Release! ‘BESTie’ trying to steal your heart! ‘EXCUSE ME’ [M COUNTDOWN] EP.423
쇼챔피언 - episode-146 BESTie (베스티) - Excuse me
“Excuse Me~~” ‘BESTie’ showing Sexy performance! [M COUNTDOWN] EP.425
Let's Dance: BESTie(베스티) _ Excuse Me(익스큐즈미) [ENG/JPN/CHN SUB]
(episode-147) BESTie (베스티) - Excuse me
BESTie - Excuse Me - mirrored dance practice video - 베스티 익스큐즈미 안무영상
Pops in Seoul _ BESTie(베스티) _ Excuse Me
Simply K-Pop - BESTie(베스티) _ Excuse Me
BESTie(베스티) - Excuse me @인기가요 Inkigayo 20150607
150528 베스티BESTie - Excuse Me (다혜) [아주대] by drighk 직캠fancam
[日本語字幕] BESTie   Excuse Me
BESTie - Excuse Me , 베스티 - Excuse Me  [정준영의 심심타파] 20150528
Simply K-Pop EP164-BESTie - Excuse Me  베스티 - Excuse Me
베스티(BESTie) - Excuse me @인기가요 Inkigayo 20150517
[HOT] BESTIE - Excuse Me, 베스티 - 익스큐즈 미, Show Music core 20150523
[MV] BESTie(베스티) _ Excuse Me
베스티, 아슬아슬 ′밀당춤′ 선보이는 ′EXCUSE ME′ 무대! M COUNTDOWN 427화
[1080P/60FPS] 베스티 (BESTie) - Excuse Me 교차편집 [Live Compilation/Stage Mix] With English Lyric

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